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Thank you for your interest in our barbering course!


We have collaborated with OTHRS. a barber school by Lex Low who has years of amazing experience in hairdressing and barbering.

For more information about Lex Low, you can click on the link below:

This course is a 99% practical training course which means you won’t be spending all your time with books studying theory.

We use a result-driven training approach that is entirely hands-on. You are required to complete up to 40-50 real haircuts on models supplied by the school. Our education team will be by your side at all times to supervise, build confidence, and progress your skill level to deliver exceptional results.


You will also learn the foundations of barbering which includes cutting mens hair with traditional tools, head patterns, beard trimming and to be able to deliver thorough consultations for your future clients. We will also teach you how to 

execute advanced hair styles such as zero-fades and razor touch-ups. At the end of this course You will acquire a sufficient skill level in barbering which allows you to work professionally as a barber in a shop.


Course Requirements & Details

Fees : $4800 (1 to 1 private training) 

Duration : 100hours of training / 20 lessons 


After 100 hours of training, extra classes will be conducted with no extra charges with a condition of an advance appointment made until the student has reached the required standard. This is to ensure that all students has achieve the professional standard of a barber. We are also here to help our students source for full/part-time barbering positions within Singapore.

Course outline :


Basic men’s hairdressing foundation

  • Classic Men’s haircut (uppercut, pompadour, side part, slick back, faux hawk, mohawk, quiff, etc.)

  • Modern Men’s haircut

  • Fade

  • Texturing & Styling

  • Basic straight razor skill

  • Precision cut

Course fees include a pair of scissors and straight razor.

All other barbering tools are not included in the fee.

Tools required :

  • Scissors /shear

  • Thinning scissors

  • Cutting comb

  • Cutting cape

  • Straight razor

  • Vent brush

  • Water spray bottle

  • Clipper (Andis)

  • Scissor bag

  • Neck brush

  • Hairdryer

  • Sectioning clip

  • Trimmer

  • Foil

Feel free to email us at for any further enquiries.

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